Social platform on the map Mobile app Plaze

Hold your finger on the map

Track or add places, events, alerts and flags. Just hold your finger on the map.


Ask for help or be the one that help. Did you lost your keys or wallet? Did your pet get away? Or have you encountered some restriction? Create an alert on the map, add a description, and the Plaze community is gonna be there for you.


Be aware of what's happening around you. Are you organizing an event? Or you just don't know what to do with your time? Add an event to the map and let others know, or use the filter to find out what's happening in your preferred area.


Make yourself known abroad. Pin the flag on the map, let your compatriots know where you are and what's going on.


Get an overview of every location. Search on the map for places that interest you. Find out basic information, or add a review, comment and rating. If the place is not on the map, hold your finger on the map to add it there.

Custom icon

You are special, so show it. Create your own icon, symbol or photo that will appear on the map and will be unique and recognizable by everyone.

Discover Plaze

Plaze is more than just a map Plaze is a community.

We moved the social platform directly to the map. Discover tons of new possibilities and meet new people.

Plaze is a new and unique mobile app.

A useful map where you can find everything you need.

Add an event to the map. Complete the description, photos, program, price or add your own logo. Read the reviews. Reply to comments.

Use the filter or the Watched area function and find out what's happening in your neighborhood, or wherever you want.

Send a Request for advice and other users who are there will receive it and can help you save time.

Plaze is a lifestyle

Add, comment, chat, just do whatever you want.

Frequently asked questions

To whom is the app intended for?


The app is intended for all mobile phone users who want to be aware of what is happening in their surroundings or at a place they are interested in.

What are the benefits of the app?


It is a fully interactive map where you can comment, review, ask for advice, or add your own POIs.

What can I add to the map in Plaze?


By holding your finger, you can add a Location, Event, Alert and Flag to the map. Just fill in the required information and you're ready to go.

What else can I find in Plaze?


The app has many useful functions, such as a filter, a watched area, a list of my activities or a list of favorite places. You can also chat with other users.